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...Listening is the Key!




At, we speak with Owner Operators EVERY DAY that are searching for a Trucking Company to partnership with. They know EXACTLY what they want, then they turn to us to help them find it.

Join our growing list of Carriers that we can take into consideration for each and every driver that comes our way.

We're making partnerships that last a lifetime! 




On the whole, Driver Retention is a major concern in the transportation industry and it is incredibly involved. Our team understands this and our goal is to make a difference.

We do a lot more than simply "recruit drivers".  We selectively choose the right Carrier for each and every driver's personal wants, needs and expectations.

Getting Owner Operators to stay with their Carriers for a long time  starts with a PERFECT  MATCH in the beginning!

We would love to include your company for consideration each and every time!




...Because Everyone is Different!

  • Where do they LIKE to run?
  • Where do they NOT like to run?
  • How frequently do they wish to be home?
  • Do they have any weight restrictions?
  • What should an average weekly revenue stream be...AFTER fuel and any mandatory deductions?
  • What would be an "acceptable" revenue stream on the worst week of the month!
  • Etc, etc, etc... Listen to them!

If you would like us to contact you regarding a partnership with your company, please submit your request below.

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If you are an Owner Operator, check out our Featured Lanes or just fill out a Quick App and we'll get to work for you!

If you are an Owner Operator, check out our  Featured Lanes

It's just a small example of the many Dedicated Lanes and Regional Opportunities  available to you through the Network of Carriers!